Andrey Voronkov

Part of team - UniDao

Part of UniDao team, which is the oldest DeFi DAO (soon 1 year) and it s featured in Aragon main page. Also I manage biggest russian community on DAO, @daotalk and participate in different DeFi and DAO projects.

Andrey has graduated Moscow State University. He has got his PhD in the field of bioinformatics/chemoinformatics. Areas of interests: high-throughput computing, blockchain and DAOs. Since 2013 started to invest in crypto and trade it (best investment in 2013 – Litecoin, 400% on btc-e, best investment of all time PascalCoin – 100x). In 2016 got interested in crowdfunding for funding of the pre-seed startups and research projects. In 2016-2017 co-founder of SONM project (early exit before ICO). When ICOs started to collapse in 2017-2018, Andrey got interested in DAOs and non-legal investors protection mechanisms. Since 2019 co-founder of UniDao (DeFi assets management, DAO as a service). Andrey is founder and owner of Voronkov Ventures ltd. (crypto, IT and blockchain consulting company). Andrey is member, co-founder and advisor of series of DAOs, which were started in 2019-2020.