Greg Waisman

Co-Founder and COO at Mercuryo.io

I have been creating products for more than 10 years: I take the idea and turn it into the working product with a real audience. Thus I have extensive experience in managing cross-functional teams, I can sense the trends and demands of the users.


Deeply immersed in one of the most promising areas of technology application — fintech. The overall estimation of fintech projects is around $245B as of February 2020 (https://www.cbinsights.com/). I have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, particularly closely monitor the development of DeFi and decentralized communities — I believe this is the future trend.


My current project Mercuryo (https://mercuryo.io/) is the quintessence of experience and skills gained throughout my career: a mix of fintech, highly loaded development and cryptoeconomics.


I am interested in everything related to technology, applied medicine and biotechnology, as well as the entertainment industry and history.